Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rumblefest 2

Every now and then, hubby likes to do a get together with his ex-coworkers. This time is Nadia and Roberto's turn to host.

It's our first time going to Nadia's house and boy, it is SOOOOOO gorgeous! They custom built their house a few years ago. You can tell right away, they have given much thought to the layout and the details. Man, that's my dream house!!!!!!!

There were nine kids/babies altogether (10 including the one still in the oven baking). It was weird to see so many kids running around. Well, at least I didn't have to hide in a room, now that's an improvement. The kids had a blast! The older ones were playing together nicely. No crying, no fighting. The little ones have had so many cool toys to play with that we didn't need to entertain them too much either.

This is the room closet to the foyer and we were stuck here, literally. There are SO MANY toys! It's like we walked into a toy store. Ali had so much fun playing with this and that. She also loves to see other kids too.

Auntie Anita offering Ali a donut.
Nolan: Mommy, I want to be a doctor when I grow up.

The triple As : Anita, Anthony and Allison
Po, Kelly and their daughters, Megan and Amelia
A few more random pictures that I snapped when the kids were playing:

By 2:30, the kids are just exhausted. Just look at the two! All we need are a few mattresses and they could fall asleep right there!
Thank you so so much for hosting, Nadia and Roberto! Same time next week?
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Amelia and her apple

I fell in love with Amelia. Just look at that cute face!!!!!!! So adorable. I just wanna kiss her chubby cheeks!! Wait a minute, I did. I meant I tried to sneak in a few kisses...oops...forgot to ask for her parents' permission first. Sorry Po and Kelly, I couldn't control myself. People around me must think I am a weirdo.
I also love the way she eats her apple. She would take a bite and start working on another side.

This is what the apple looks like when she was done with it.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Alison vs Allison

Big L: Oooooooooooooooooooh, look at that shiny camera!! A..a...a....I want it!
Lil L: No, it's mine!!! Stay back, Ali!
Lil L: Must crawl and get there first!
Big L: Mommy, read my mind. Bring the camera over. I can't go anywhere just yet!
Lil L: Hahhaa....I got the camera!! Take pictures of me, NOW!
Lil L: Let me pose for you, Auntie Teresa. How about this angle?
Auntie Anita: Hey Ali, do you want to play? Let me play with you!
Big L: Okay, auntie. Aa...a....a....
Lil L: I sense danger. Is mommy gonna spend time with another baby??? Nooooo!!! Mommy is mine! MINE!!!
Lil L turned around and crawled back as fast as she could to intercept mommy and big L.
Lil L: What do you think you are doing? That's MY MOMMY! MY MOMMY!! MINE!!!! Go get your own!
The helpless big L (looks big, but clearly not as mobile and fast as Lil L aka the karate kid) starts to cry. I am gonna call for back up. Kiki kai geh, come and help your kai mui mui. My kai geh knows KF I tell ya!
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Playdate with Kaley

A: Kaley, this is a yellow ball.
K: Yeah, I know. Gimme.
K: Rrrrrrr............
A: Ugh....I am gonna play with my doll now.
A: Hey, Kaley, quick! Pretend to look innocent. My mommy is watching over there.
Kaley promptly throws away her ball and turns around and look at Auntie Teresa.
A & K: Yeah, high five! I think we fooled her! Ha ha ha, she is so gullible!
S: Hey, whatsup you two! See these rings? Come and get them!
K: Show off! You know we can't stand just yet.
A: Hmph!

Here is a short clip of Ali and Kaley playing together:

Friday, May 21, 2010

Taming a barracuda baby

Ever since Ali's first teeth came in, she has been biting me on and off. For the past few months, I have been living in fear. Seriously, this is not a joke. I found myself getting more distressed as the days went by. Is she going to bite me this time? Please don't bite me. Gone were the days when I nursed and watched TV at the same time. I have been reading quite a bit online (how did people survive in the old days when they don't have internet?? Seriously!), magazines, books and whoever I could talk to. Even when I went to the library or the supermarket, when I see other moms around, I would ask if their babies bite them when they nurse and how they dealt with the situation. I must have looked like a schizophrenic maniac. From what I gathered, suffice to say, most babies don't bite (what???) and if they do, it only lasted a VERY short time (what???). I am SO lucky!!

"Mama, who are you talking about?? It's not me. I am so innocent!"

I called the nurse hotline too and they said I was doing everything right and asked me to wean her off since she is already 9 months old, but I am not ready. When Ali was born, I have had a tough, tough time latching her on. After a few painful weeks, things got a lot better and I love nursing her. It is such an intimate bonding experience with my beloved daughter. And now it's back to hell. But am I really ready to wean her? No, I am not. I am not ready to say goodbye to those precious nursing times. No, not yet.

"Whatsssup??? I am a hip hop baby!"

Okay, maybe I am not stern enough? So I took my friend's advice and decided to hold on to her chin when she started to bite again and gave her a firm "No! It hurts mama" talk. Ali must be pretty pissed that I did that because after I started with the new routine, she would not let go of my poor nipple. Ouch! Even worse, she would go on a short term nursing strike - she only nursed on one side and not for long either. I remembered reading one parenting book suggesting things not to do. One of them was "do not bite baby back". At the time I read that, I laughed so hard my tummy hurt. I must confessed, that did cross my mind when she started to bite multiple times in one feed. These were the dark nursing days that I would never forget.

"Rrrrrr...............I am a baby barracuda in disguise!!!!!! Did I fool you???"

After a week of painful torture, Ali finally gave in. Every time I told her no, she would look defiant and make funny faces and what not. This time, she started to cry. I know she must have cracked. Because, if she was not, I sure wasn't too far away from weaning her off myself. (Screw nursing, gotta rescue my nipples before the monster chomped them off.) It was like a battle of wills. But since that feed, she only bit me twice in the past three weeks. To all the mommies who are trying to tame their own barracuda babies, be patient and victory is not too far away. Have faith, sisters!

"If a stubborn baby like me can learn from not biting, then any baby can too! Good luck, mommies!"

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Avery's one month

Happy one month Avery! (Actually, by the time I post this, she should be two months old already. Oops!!) We went to Ali's friend's moon yuet. Here is a picture of the new, proud dad and his lovely daughter, Avery! The adults had a lot of fun, catching up with everyone, enjoying good food and having a few good laughs. The little ones had a lot of fun too. Ali got a chance to hang out with her BFF, Kaley.
A: "Yo, Kaley! How's it going?"
K: "Hey."
A: "Mommy, let me introduce you to my good friend, Kaley Mia Chiu. She is my bestest friend."
K: "Arr, excuse me, can I get some milk please?"
A: "I want some too."
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Monday, May 17, 2010

More tummy time?

Ali doesn't enjoy tummy time at all. Looking at other babies at the same age (or younger), hubby and I start to get a little anxious since they all started or have shown signs to be able to crawl. Ali, on the other hand, seems too content with sitting.

"Yay, toys!"
"Hey, mama, look there are toys. I like playing with them. Yippeee!!!!"
After maybe 5 minutes, novelty wears off quickly and Ali looks pretty defeated.
"Me so tired. I don't like tummy time."
"Ugh, must play. hard tho..."
"Mama, I don't want to play anymore. Get me outta here!"
To motivate Ali to do tummy time for a little longer, I brought out another toy. Look how happy she is!
After another two minutes, Ali is done with tummy time.
"Mommy, can you pick me up now?"

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Towel bunnies

After I have finished the height measurement for Ali's friend, Sammy, I wanted to make something for my god children. I wanted to make a nice little zipper pouch for the two, but I failed miserably. Seriously, their mom might not approved of my horrible sewing. I can't even do straight lines. So I decided to make something a little more forgiving (in terms of sewing and the stitches) and something they can perhaps used at home only (no body needs to see them).
Please welcome the towel bunnies!!!!!!!!! Ta-da!!!!!!!!
Hope you guys like them! I love you Kiki and Hayhay!! =)
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Uncle Ming's Cola addiction

As seen in my previous blog entries, Uncle Ming loves his Cola. When he was confronted by this, he claimed that was not true and he can live without Coca-Cola. Clearly, that was not true. Half way through the dinner, he ordered a glass of Coke.
When we reminded him his promise (Ming: "what? oh yeah. I totally forgot." He was clearly lying), Uncle Ming promised that he wouldn't take another sip.

This is what happened after 2 minutes of Cola withdrawal.

Hubby and I can tell that Uncle Ming might not be able to last the entire dinner without his cola. So we suggested Andrew to finish it for him.
As Andrew is about to take a sip of Ming's cola, they heard Marie's voice....

"Ming, don't you dare!!!!!"
Uncle Ming quickly took the Cola away and finished the whole glass in two seconds. Thus, escaped the wrath of Aunt Marie and broke his Cola promise at the same time. Nicely done, Uncle Ming!
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