Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bernadette's biggest fan

One of the first music classes that Ali has been to is babytime at Oakridge Library. She loves attending babytime and she just adores Bernadette, the librarian! Ali likes to sing along (making the ah ah sounds) and claps her hands when she listens to music. Another favourite of Ali is looking and interacting (poking and touching) with other babies around her.

"Mama, is the class starting yet? I can't wait!"

Ali and Bernadette's guitar

Let me introduce you to my favourite librarian, Bernadette!

Unfortunately, this is going to be Bernadette's last week doing babytime with us. The librarian that was on maternity leave is coming back next week! We are so going to miss her!!!

A: "Bernadette, I am going to miss you so much!! I really enjoy our babytime together."
B: "Ali, I will miss you too. I will miss your singing and your clapping. I have many baby fans, but I gotta say you are the cutest one of them all!"
A: "Yeah, I know."

I was hoping to tape Ali singing and clapping secretly, but she caught me. Here is a video of Ali trying to take my camera away.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My goo ma and goo cheung

Ali's dear goo ma and goo cheung just had an engagement party. They flew in all the way from Toronto to deliver a roast pig to my mother-in-law! What respectful and wonderful kids they are! Unfortunately, my hubby and I were not able to take any pictures that day, having to mingle with guests and trying to take care of the fussy little tofu princess at the same time.

During the engagement party, the duo has announced that Dan has been offered a job in YVR and they will be moving back in June! Woot woot!! Party time!!! The two will be staying with us until they find their own pad. Ali is going to be so spoiled by her loving aunt and uncle!!

Aunt Angela and Ali:

Mommy enjoying a quiet moment with her chocolate croissant while the two play with the little one.

Mommy took advantage of these sitters and went to do some housework. Free babysitting service is just plain awesome.

"Aunt Angie, can I have your pretty necklace??"

Dada and my goo-ma:
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Sammy's birthday party

Ali has attended her friend's first birthday party. She had a lot of fun hanging out with the birthday girl, Sammy.

Look at those two fancy birthday cakes! They are so scrumptious and adorable! =)

Sammy and her mommy cutting the cake.

The two cuties with their respective mom and dad:

"Let's play with these soft blocks together, Sammy!"

The three beautiful babies playing together.

My first sewing project EVER. Hope Sammy will like the growth chart. Have a very happy birthday!

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Friday, April 16, 2010

How to smile tutorial

Hi there! I am Little Miss Sunshine. Let me demonstrate how to have an adorable "sunshine smile" like mine.

Open your mouth wide and relax your muscles.

Ta-da! Beautiful!
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sophie the giraffe

Today, I would like to show you how to eat Sophie properly.

Step 1: Tackle the juicy butt first. It's the yummiest part of it all. Savor it. Mmm...yum!
Step 2: Work on the legs. They are scrumptious!'s SO GOOD! Thank you Lord for giving me this yummy treat!!!!!!
Sorry, let's go back to the legs again...yummmmmm...........
Step 4: The last part is the head. Delicious!
Yum, yum yum, yum yum, .....
Now, let me eat the camera too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!
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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Don't read this if you are afraid of baby's poop. You have been warned.

Reading her favourite stories in my bed and singing a few nursery rhymes are part of the bedtime ritual before we bathe Ali at night. Like any other night, after Ali played on the exersaucer for a little while, I picked her up and started with her night time activities. I knew she pooped and I told hubby, "It's okay. We are going to bathe her in 10 minutes anyways. I will just put a diaper cloth to line our bed, just in case."

As Ali is having more and more solids, her poop is getting more and more solid too. She has not have a leak for a long time now. I thought (silly silly mommy) her poop can't be that bad, but man, I was so SO wrong. After we have finished our bedtime reading, I picked her up and I noticed her back was a little wet. I was thinking, man, this girl is so sweaty. When I looked in the mirror. Holy. Oh mother. OH. MY. GOD. ANDERS, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hubby came and wanted to take a picture. I thought to myself, "Yeah, sure, no big deal. I have seen all those crazy leaks. It's going to be okay." Notice that I am still smiling. I quickly put her on the change pad and took off her sleeper and man, the poop consistency was definitely different than before. Imagine oatmeal. Anyways, I passed the sleeper to hubby so that he can soak it right away to get rid of the stain, meanwhile I tried to clean baby the best I could. In her past leaks, there wasn't too much poop left in the diaper, having most of them being squeezed out already, but this time...oh gosh, I guess she must be teething or the food not sitting right? I don't know. There was still plenty. And I mean PLENTY.

Being in total shock, I was trying to think of the best way to do this. The back first or the butt first? How about that nasty diaper? At this time, I heard my hubby laughing hysterically in the basement. What on earth was he doing? What's so funny? Oh and before I continue with this story, you have to know that Ali has this killer diaper rash on the side that she loves to scratch. Okay, back to the story, as I was wiping her butt, she decided to scratch the rash, but she missed and scratched her butt instead. Great. Now I have to deal with the poop in her hands. Just awesome. All I need is for her to suck on her fingers and I would just die there on the spot. So I cleaned her hands, then butt, then back and put her straight to her bath. Whew!

I am sorry I have to be so descriptive. This post is for you Ali. Read this when you are 16. Know how much crap your parents have to put up with. Literally.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Feeling Crafty - Part 2

I have always wanted to make some decorations for Ali's room. Her room is bare and I feel so guilty, especially when I go to visit my friends' babies room. They are all so well decorated and they truly feel like a baby nursery. After I finished the crepe roses, I finally embarked on my next craft journey. I can't remember where I have seen it (probably from a magazine or a blog), but I remember someone drew whimsical pictures, framed them and put them in their babies' room. Since I am not very good at drawings, I copied the rubber stamp images (I am a big stamp collector), enlarged and decorated. The Twinkling H2O is just gorgeous. I tried to capture the shimmering effect by taking the picture at an angle, but no luck. If you have never tried it, do yourself a favor and try it. Or at least get a demo from the store (or you can ask me, I will be happy to show you!).

I was surprised to see how good they look (at least I think so!) and how easy this project was. When my friends saw them, they were curious to know what colouring medium I used. So for each picture, I listed all the media that I used, hopefully it will be easier for whoever wants to attempt and make a few pictures themselves.

1. The flower stand (Twinkling H2O, Sakura glaze, Sakura souffle)

2. "Did you hoot?" (Twinkling H2O, Sakura glaze, diamond glaze glue)

3. Japanese doll (Twinkling H2O, Sakura glaze, eye shadow palette)
4. I love upcakes (Twinkling H2O, Sakura glaze, Sakura souffle, liquid pearls, glitter)

After I finished the pictures, I put them in Ikea frames (bright colours and cheap!). And when I saw the acetate, I was dumbfounded. Why would they put a big IKEA logo on the front of the acetate?? What are they trying to do?? That would ruin my pictures!!!! Thanks to my smart husband, he figured out that there are films on the front and back of the sheet that can be peeled off. Silly me! (I swear I have checked and tried to scrap them off, but I couldn't!!!) To commemorate my stupidness, I decide to take a picture of them.

Here is the group picture of my work. Super fun and easy! I love it!

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Feeling Crafty - Part 1

I have finally opened the Martha Stewart crepe paper flower kit that I bought 3 years ago. Yes, you read that right, I had the kit for THREE LONG YEARS. I wanted to try to do more crafts before I head back to work. The flowers turned out great, but the cutting of the petals was so, so painful! I have had a hard time putting them together too. The tape just wouldn't stick. I almost had a heart attack when I was assembling each rose. I mean, after hours of cutting those damn petals, you are telling me that the tape doesn't work?!! I have almost given up this project until Ali's kai mama came to rescue. Many thanks to Y for showing me the proper way to use floral tape!

Pictures of the finished project:

A close up picture of the roses:
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