Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dim sum with Sue's family

Auntie Sue is in town again!! Her family invited us for a dim sum brunch. The two beautiful ladies (Sue and Tina) were all over Ali.
Sue and Alison. Look at that cute sleeper!! (courtesy of Sue and Paul, thanks guys!)
Sue's mom, Judy, just loved to hold Ali. She had a great time hanging out with Aunt Judy! Look how happy those two are!!
Picture of all the girls! The guys seemed more interested in food than baby, or that the ladies were just too crazy and ignored the guys completely! =P
We had a wonderful time hanging out with Sue and her family!! Thank you so much for treating us to brunch AND the christmas gift!! Please come back to Vancouver and visit more!!
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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Winny & Martin's wedding

This is baby Ali's first time invited to a wedding. She had a mighty good time, checking out the nicely decorated hall and all the beautiful Christmas lights!

Here is the picture with the bride and groom:
The lovely couple - Winny and Martin!

Daddy and baby waiting for their food. Check out those chubby legs!! Oh so meaty!!!
Mommy and baby girl checking out the Christmas decorations at the golf course. And check out her fancy party dress (courtesy of Auntie Maria), oh so pretty!!!
Thank you Winny & Martin for inviting us! We have had a great time!! Wish you two all the best in the years to come!

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

3 days of Christmas fun!

This is baby Ali's first Christmas!! I guess she must be really really good this year because she has received many, many presents from our friends and family! We first celebrate with her grandpa on Christmas Eve.

Grandpa was really happy to get these presents from Ali. A nicely framed family picture and a big pack of cigarettes!! Yup, Marlboro is his favourite!

On Christmas day, we went to Jade (where Angela and Dan's wedding going to be held) for our Christmas dinner. The food is just great!

On Boxing day, we had a post Christmas party with Anders's extended family. The talented Uncle Ming made us his famous Turducken!! It was so delicious!!!!!!!! =)

Look at the cross section of the birds....oh yummm!!!!!

We were all "stuffed like a bird", so the boys decided to go for a little run:

Christmas is a joyous time! More good news was shared on this special day! Andria and Edmond, Karyn and Warren are engaged!!!! Congrats to the newly engaged!!! We are so very happy for you guys!! Looking forward to your weddings!!!!

Then we decide to open up a few presents. Great grandma helping Ali to try out her new clothes.

Look at all these presents Ali got!! Oh my, oh my!! There are many more that we did not put in the picture! She is one lucky baby!! Thank you to all of you who has celebrated Christmas with us this year!!

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas cards

Last time I went to a stamp demonstrator's place to use a few of her tools and I have finally have a chance to finish what I was doing. Here are the finished products.

My 2009 Christmas cards that I will NOT be using this year:

While I had the craft tools out, I might as well work on a few more cards and what not. These are the gift tags that we are using this year:

A few thank you cards:

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Lunch at Aunt Sachi's

Aunt Sachi invited us to her house for an early Christmas luncheon. Ali had a wonderful time playing with Amber.

All the Gladstone ladies just loved to hold Ali and she loved being spoiled by them!! Mommy was loving this too! She actually had a chance to enjoy the yummy lasagne Sachi made and of course, the chocolate torte for dessert!!

When Ali started to fuss, Karen decided to entertain her by singing her a song.

It was wonderful seeing everyone! Thank you Sachi for hosting (and the cute Coach purse too!)!! Wish you all a very merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dinner with Great-grandmother

It is always great to visit Ali's great grandmother. Every time she sees Ali, she has this ear-to-ear grin on her face!

It is VERY difficult to capture picture like the last one. Great grand is actually looking at the camera. All the other times, she just can't peel her eyes away from her great granddaughter for longer than a few seconds. These are my "failed" attempts:

Bottom line is, our great grand is just in love with baby Alison!! And so is Ali! She loves playing with her great grand too!! We will definitely come and visit you again soon!! =)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ladies night out

Once a month, I would hang out with a group of my coworkers. We will go fine dining, trying new restaurants and have some good fun with the ladies. Last week, Karen wanted to try the restaurant in Shangri-la. The food was just awesome and the company was great! I was planning to leave the baby with Anders, but unfortunately, he had to go to a company dinner. (Did he plan this on purpose??) I did not want to cancel, so I headed out to this hot posh restaurant with my little Ali.

Going into the restaurant, I thought the best case scenario, I would be able to enjoy my entree peacefully without baby fussing too much. Worst case scenario, well, I guess I would just have my appy and packed my entree to go. Maybe it's the tylenol or maybe it's the 4-month shot, (maybe it's my luck?? Nah!) Ali slept pretty much the whole time. When she was awake, she did not make a sound! I guess she must be pretty groggy and so she did not fuss at all. I was able to enjoy my dinner without a crying baby in my arms!! And I was able to finish my dessert too!!! Oh my, what a good little baby!!

The hostesses came over at the end of dinner to play with Alison. Judging from their tone of voice, I could tell they were just relieved as I was. They all complemented how good Ali behaved and that she would be welcomed to their restaurant any time! Lucky mommy!

Aunt Karen and baby Ali:

The Gladstone ladies:

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Infant/parent group

Ali and I have been attending the infant/parent group in our neighbourhood for the past few months. We usually have a community nurse to discuss a weekly topic, but unfortunately, because of the H1N1 shots, they would not be back until the new year. Since they have the community center booked until the end of the year, they let the new moms use the room if we decide to meet on our own. I am so glad we did! It has been a blast!! We made many new friends and it has been great to have other new moms and babies around to share our experiences with.

Ali usually does not like tummy time too much, but she seems not to mind it that much when she is in the play group. She loves looking at other babies!!!

The happy Ali playing on the mat:

Sharon and baby Kaleigh:

Other moms chatting away:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Early Christmas Present - from Ali with love

For the last few days, baby Alison's sleeping pattern and behaviour seemed to have changed. She is definitely more alert and awake for longer stretches. One unwelcome change is that Ali seemed to go from "I am awake and happy" mode to "I am really cranky and tired, so give me my nap now, damn it!" mode rather quickly. Perhaps, a little too quick for mommy sometimes. Ali would be smiling a minute and then started crying (seemed to me at that time, for no reason at all). Poor mama (after a few minutes) realized that baby is tired and wants her nap NOW.

Does baby have a switch in her little brain of hers? I guess she must. At least that's how I feel sometimes (actually very often these days).

The wonderful new change that I am VERY excited about is that Ali has been sleeping for 11-12 hours straight. Yup, no feeding and getting up in between. This is probably not going to last long and maybe it is just a phase that she will grow out of....mmm...tomorrow?? But I gotta enjoy it while it lasts. Who knows? Maybe it is Ali's way of thanking Mama for doing a good job in taking care of her?! Maybe it is her way of giving mommy her early Christmas present?!

Ali's milkdrunk face:

From the side, doesn't she look like a block of tofu?

Friday, December 4, 2009

Grandma photobook

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