Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Year of Snake celebration

Happy Chinese New Year!!!  This post came a little late, but hey, late is better than never!  Wishing everyone a prosperous, healthy and lucky year of snake!!

Every year, hubby's sifu always invites him to the lion/dragon dance performance.  This year is no exception. Although he did not have to perform this year, he still had to attend because he is the performance coordinator!  We thought it would be cool for the kids to see the club members rehearse.  Ali used to be really scared of loud noises, but she got a lot braver this year.  

I did not have a good picture of the lion, but he is a picture of the dragon.  Cool, huh?!

And of course we have to dress up the kids for Chinese new year!!  Here is my little Nate, busy pretending to text with his toy cell phone.

...while my Ali is busy pushing her toy stroller around.  

Dai Dai and his fiance happened to be in town.  Oh what fun!  The kids got quite a few lai see.  And our weekends were filled with many family dinners.  (It is almost like Christmas all over again!)  I started to introduce a few of the new year customs to Ali and she seemed quite enjoyed it.  Ali and I decided to give lai see (with chocolate coin inside) to all of her friends in pre-school.  She is also very adamant about giving chocolate coins to all her Chinese school teacher as well.  Mommy is happy to comply to all her requests.  After all, it's the beginning of a year, right?!  Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

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