Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Work of love

Wow, can't believe I am two months behind in terms of blogging.  Well, late is better than never!  Christmas is always so so busy, especially when you have young kids at home.  I really wanted to make the two something special for Christmas, something that is not so generic.  Two Christmas ago, Ali asked Santa for a bag and she got a baa baa sheep purse (and I have to say it looked horrible, but Ali loved it!).  I couldn't believe she asked for another bag for last year's Christmas.  And she wanted a "piggy bag".  When I heard what she said (and I asked her multiple times to confirm if that is exactly what she wanted from Santa this year) my heart sank (damn, I have to make another one?).  My hubby kept on persuading me to buy one instead of making one, knowing I would be completely stressed out and went psycho, but I just couldn't find one that I really like.  So off to my sewing machine.

I really like this bag.  I did make it reversible and the craftmanship is a lot better than the sheep bag for sure. At least it is not all flimsy...hahaha...  well, I am really glad Ali liked it.  Or else I think I might just cry.

When I was shopping around for the piggy fabric, I stumbled upon some Maisy fabrics.  Seriously?!!  Maisy prints?!  Are you kidding me?  Freaking awesome!!!  It's one of those "I would never know it existed" items.  SO SO SO happy when I saw it.  A bit expensive, but I know Ali would love it as she loves her Maisy books.  I made her a pillow cover and a warm, comfy fleece blanket for Nate as Xmas presents.  Man, it's the easiest thing to make, right??  Except that my stupid machine was not working properly.  I was really lucky to have my hubby to fix it for me (even tho he has never touched a sewing machine before, thanks baby!) and I just finished making all the presents at 12:30am on Christmas Day.  Oh, things that you do for your kids!

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