Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Explosive diaper at its best

Compare to Ali, Nate has way less explosive diapers.  Maybe he doesn't eat as much?  I don't know, but boy, did we just hit a jackpot last week.  I felt the need to blog this so that my little guy would know how much "fun" mommy had when he was a baby.  (Yes, mommy deals with sh!t all the time!)

It is not a pleasant experience when there is a leaky, explosive diaper.  It is much worse when you have a toddler demanding for your attention when you are dealing with the crap.  After we finished our snack, I ushered my kiddies to the living room to play.  I put the boy down and wanted to go and wash my hands.  Then I realized I spilled something on my shirt.  My first reaction was, "Hmm, what did I spill?  Did I spill the jarred food?  But I just gave him yogurt.  Was it because of the dishes?  But it doesn't make sense."  It took me a while to realize that his diaper might be leaking.  Oh yes, yes, it leaked.  As Nate wasn't wearing any pants, there is *ahem* evidence EVERYWHERE.  (Now, why am I always alone in situations like this?)

Assessing the situation, I thought both baby and I need to change immediately.  Reassessing the situation, need to bring the little guy to the change table in his room, otherwise, he is going roll and it would be impossible to clean afterwards.  And off we went, badgering my girl NOT TO WALK close to those tiles.  While I was concentrating on the task at hand (man, there was so much poop!!), I heard my girl jumped off the couch.  Immediately, I told the girl to STAY AWAY from the poop, afraid that she would spread it everywhere.  Ali replied, "but I NEED to get my cards, I NEED them."  Her cards were really close to the poop tiles.  My heart just sank.

After changing baby, I left him in the playpen, and scout to see what the damage was like.  Thank goodness, Ali was able to stay clean.  And then I realized how much poop there was on the tiles.  Really?  And the floor too?  Okay.  While I was cleaning the tiles and cursing this whole event, I started to wonder when did he actually poop??  He wasn't doing it when I was carrying him.  That just meant...he must have done it when he was eating.  Crap.  My suspicions were further confirmed by the big honking poop on his high chair.    And of course, the poop sat in the gap between the seat cover (that can be easily washed in the washer) and the chair.  Right.  It's just too perfect of a scenario.  

Off I went to the laundry room with all the poopy clothes and seat covers.  Little girl, being ignored for the whole time, really wanted to go downstairs with me, but I couldn't let her.  I mean, my hands were covered with poop.  And the tears started to flow and then came the screaming.  My girl was breaking down.  Meanwhile, my little boy was super upset (being trapped in the playpen) started to blow raspberries. It was like listening to a symphony of cries.  
And that's what changing leaky diaper is like when you have two kids.  
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

CEFA fun day 2012

Can't believe Ali is 3 years old already.  There is huge difference between this year and last year in terms of her physical growth and abilities.  I am super lucky that my mom is in town so I could take Ali out and spend more quality time with my girl.  Thanks mom!

Ali's throw is infinitely better than last year.  It is still really funny to watch her do bean bag toss tho.  Hahaha. 
Ali made me a crown.  It looks like I am taking a picture with a celebrity, with the sunglasses and the "cool" look on her face.  LOL

Ali made a bracelet for por-por and one for herself.  Cute.  The beads table seemed to be the most popular - with the teachers.  Quite a few teachers just gathered around making their own bracelets after lunch.

Can't call it a party without face painting.  I thought Ali would go for flowers or butterflies, but she went for...

Spider-gal!  Well, I sort of saw that coming (Ali has a Spiderman look-and-find book), but I couldn't help but asked her three to four times, just to make sure she really, really wanted to be Spiderman.

Enjoying lunch with her bff, Dominic.

Okay, I need to explain a bit here.  I was sharing food with Ali, that's why she has two plates in front of her.  

Playing hide-and-seek after lunch. 

Parachute time!  Ali used to be so scared to go under the parachute, but now she totally loves it!

Wearing her crown with Teacher Milet.

A big hug with her friend, Michael.
Both of us had a great time.  It is indeed a "fun day"!
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

PNE 2012

It is funny that my husband and I had stopped going to PNE for a long time and our children has renewed our interest in the fair again (more like for the kids than for us).

Ali was very interested in the blacksmith.  She was very intrigued with the making of the horseshoes.

Gathering around for the bunny show.   I didn't know bunnies can go through the obstacle course just like dogs (except much, MUCH slower).

Ali's absolute favorite - Kid's Barn.

Here is Farmer Ali growing her crop.

Gotta take the tractor out for a ride.

After going through all the tasks, Ali earned her lucky dollar to buy a pack of cranberries!

After dinner, it's Superdogs time.  Ali "won" a teddy bear when she playing one of the carnival games.  Seriously, it is cheaper to go to a toy store to buy a cute teddy bear than this junk.  Just look at that thing.  Oh well, I guess its the experience that counts, right?

Can't wait until next year when Nate can actually join in the fun!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nate's first haircut

Man, I was doing so well (in terms of blogging) in August and just lost it!  Mental note, gotta try a bit harder!

Nate had his first haircut last month.  He is much luckier than his sister.  Not much cradle cap found on this bunny.  His hair was a bit uneven.  Since it was getting pretty hot, daddy decided to give him a buzz cut.

The "before" pic:

I genuinely thought it would be a disaster.  Not that I don't believe in my hubby's skills, but Nate is just so SO squirmy!  It turned out that Nate was quite intrigued with the razor the whole time and was really happy to sit still to get his haircut.

His big sister would not miss out on the action.  Ali helped by brushing his hair.  Nate was just so happy that his sister was "playing" with him!

Daddy's little helper, watching intently...okay, got sidetracked by my camera.

My little man was super excited to show off his new look.  What do you think?

Two happy hairdressers and one satisfied customer.  Success!

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