Sunday, April 29, 2012

SF trip

Ali did not know about the SF trip until the night before.  Our flight was at 7 am and we were flying out from Bellingham, so we had to wake up at 4 in the morning!  We thought Ali would sleep in the car, but she was WAY too excited about the trip.  We were pretty lucky this time around.  Family with young children were allowed to board first and the people who prepaid for the front seats did not show up on time and we were told that we could took their spots!  Sweet!  There was so much legroom it's like we were seated in the business class!

The ride was smooth and Ali was very well behaved until the last 15 minutes of the flight.  Poor girl was so tired and got really cranky.  Thank goodness I bought a few emergency toys with me.  Nate pretty much passed out the whole flight.

We received a warm welcome from Kiki and Hayhay.  Hubby was totally "lum" (really happy).

Storytime with Kai mama.  All the kids were listening so intently.

Hayden usually wakes up around the same time as Ali.  It was so so cute to see the two having breakfast together!  Cheerios!

It was Kai baba's and Kiki's birthday, so we went out to celebrate.  Here is a picture of the two:

Kai mama and Hayden:

Our kai family took us to a local farmer's market.  Totally cool!!!  The produce was so fresh.  A lot of organic fruits and vegetables at a very reasonable price!  Why can't we have awesome farmer's market in Vancouver??

A flower stall:

On our second last day there, Kiki decided to educate Ali on how to play dress-up - princess style!

This is Ali's very first time dressing up as a princess and she totally loved it.  Actually, for some reason, she looked more like Sailor moon than Aurora.  LOL  Anyways, she just wanted to be like Kiki.  Kiki twirled, Ali twirled too! The girls had a good time.  Poor Hayden just stood at a corner watching the two.  Hayden, give Nate some time.  You guys can hang out in a boys' corner next time we visit!

The three musketeers!  It was really fun watching the three interact with each other!  Ali thorough enjoyed the trip, especially the fact that she could hang out with her kai siblings!  She started to get homesick half way through the trip.  It was funny (but a bit sad) that she kept on asking about Canada and that she wanted to fly home right away.  When we returned home, she was so happy that she said, "I love Canada!"  

We took tons of pictures, but couldn't post them all, so here is a glimpse of some of the pics:

A BIG thank you to our kai family.  We had a fabulous time.  Thank you for being such great hosts and being so accommodating!!!  See you in July!! :)
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Monday, April 23, 2012

Fun with mannequins

There is a really cute "balloon" dress that I want to buy for Ali, but it was not on sale when I first saw it.  So we hit up Old Navy when we were in SF just to try my luck.  Ali started to pay more attention to her surroundings and she found the mannequins quite intriguing.

"Hey, who are you?  My name is Ali!"

"Mommy, mommy, can you take a picture of me and my new friend?"

Daddy: "Mommy, can you take a picture of my new wife?"
A: "Is this my new Mommy??"

"This is my new dog, mommy!"

"I LOVE my doggie!!!"
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a very special Easter this year.  It is Nate's very first Easter and we took our first family (of four) trip to San Francisco.  We didn't tell Ali about it until the night before and she was super super excited to see her kai siblings again.  I will blog about the trip in the next few days, but now, let's look a few pictures taken on Easter Sunday.

The three bunnies woke up to some great Easter treats (nicely packed into a basket by kai mama) - bunny ears and a chick!

Guess what Nate got?  I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this little flower!

Our kai family invited their friends, Sandra and her family, over for an Easter brunch.  The kids looked so happy!  

The adults' table looked pretty darn good too.  We had a wonderful breakfast (thanks for cooking kai mama!) - awesome food with some bubbly.  Everybody (including the nursing mom) was very well fed!

Following our brunch was the Easter Egg Hunt!!!   Everyone get ready!!!

 Ali had so much fun:

Kids running around, trying really hard to find the eggs:

She did a pretty good job!  Look at the loot!

Time to see what kai mama has hidden inside each egg:

Thank you kai mama and kai baba for making this Easter extra special for us!  We had an eggcellent time!
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Friday, April 20, 2012

Maria's baby shower

I always joke with my friend Maria that it would be so awesome if we could go on maternity leave together.  Boy, did our wish come true or what?!  She is only two weeks away from her due date!  Yay!!!

Expecting mommy and daddy:

I enlisted a few daddies to take care of my two kids.  Smart thinking, mommy!

Their friend made them a baby carriage cake.  So adorable!

Yummy desserts made by Grandma Cathy.  Absolutely delicious!!!

My wonderful hubby working hard in the kitchen:

It was always fun to play games in a baby shower!  Luckily most of the guests were willing to participate.  We had so much fun!

Who won the bottle race??  Me, of course!  Actually, I was a bit surprised myself.  I wonder if those guys really tried.

Poopy (chocolate) diapers game.  People were working pretty hard on this one:

My little helper Ali.  I couldn't believe how helpful (and bossy) my little girl was the whole time!  From asking the guests to start eating, to giving out paper and pen, to collecting garbage, Ali was on top of everything!  Good job, little one!

Gift opening time.  See those rattles at the bottom right corner of the picture.  Ali helped to make those!

My very first diaper cake.  It is a lot easier to make than I expected and it turned out pretty decent.

My very first attempt of making a decor piece for a nursery using my cool Cricut machine.  I wanted to make one for my two little monkeys too, but they will have to wait!

Congrats once again, Maria and Ron!!!  Can't wait to meet your pretty little one!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Open gym with Trevor

Since TV is a banned item in our house, Ali has very limited screen time.  We usually just show her clips of her and her friends.  Trevor is one of her major "supplier".  When I heard he is in town, I almost immediately phoned her mom to arrange for a playdate.  Ali was super excited to finally meet Trevor goh goh again in real life!

Aunt Emily and Nate:

Trevor and his green car:

Ali on the slide:

They took a little while to warm up to each other, but they are like best friends when we are on our way out.  Look how cute they are, holding hands and all that!

Making silly faces together:

I got all 3 kids in this shot!

Trevor and Ali took turns pushing the cart around.  From what we can tell, she is really not that good of a driver.  LOL.

Thanks for hanging out with us, the Yung family!  We hope to see you again soon!!  

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Baby Nate!!

I feel bad always blogging about Ali and not so much on baby Nate.  Here is a post just on the little brother!! When he was around 3 months, his weight was in the 25-50th percentile and the height was in the 90th percentile.  He is going to be a tall and skinny boy!  

Now that Nate is 5 months old, he is big enough to sit in the high chair!  Yay!!  It is a good alternative compared to the rocker.  At least he has a good view of us during meal times and feels a bit more included for sure.

Sitting in his bumbo chair is one of his favorite pastimes.  He has better neck support now and can enjoy his toys (somewhat).

My boy is also SUPER chatty.  Sometimes, a little too much for my liking.  For instance, he would want to "talk" rather than to eat.  He will chat with me for a good 10-20 minutes and refuse to eat!  Ali was really serious, it was kinda hard to make her laugh.  But Nate is very different.  He giggles and laughs all the time.  Super happy baby!  His temperament resembles his dad.

Another of his favourites is the playgym.  He just loves to play with the toys and looks at himself in the mirror. Nate loves it so much that he starts to squeal when he is playing there!  In hindsight, we should have bought one for Ali too (we just borrow our friend's).

Nate absolutely adores his older sister.  At the end of the day, I think he just wants to be included in part of the action.  He enjoys reading books almost just as much as Ali.

Here is a video of daddy playing with Baby Nate:

Ali insists that Nate wears her chef hat and here it is.  Doesn't he look hilarious!!?

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