Friday, December 28, 2012


This is probably the busiest Christmas for the Lam household...ever!  My husband's aunt is in town for the holidays and so is one of my high school buddies.  On top of that, there are ENDLESS family gatherings/dinner, which make it almost impossible to have a quiet day to ourselves.  Our last day of work was the 21st and that mean a lot of late nights for mama trying to finish up all the xmas gifts for the kiddies.  Yesterday was the (only) day we had to ourselves, so we decided to bring the kids and por-por for an aquarium visit!

Ali and Nate were very intrigued with the sea creatures.  Ali, in particular, now that she can speak her mind (somewhat) and plus, she has learned about the sea creatures at pre-school.  Nate was really interested in his surroundings too.  He was a bit scared of all the big fishes swimming around at first, but he got more comfortable with them in the second half of the visit.  Por-por thoroughly enjoyed her first visit at the Aquarium as well.  Fun times!

Ali and the beluga.

At the play area.  They had such a blast!  It was really cool to see they enjoyed each other's company so much.

Ali, the marine biologist, examining the seal.

...while Dr. Nate was examining a different "patient".

Group picture with our favourite jellyfish!!

After our little adventure, we took por por for a belated Xmas dinner at the boathouse (how fitting!)  Ali getting ready for the feast!

And our little Nate enjoying his doodle time while he had his dinner!
Everyone had such a great time!  Man, I missed my own family time!  Why is Christmas always so busy??  I think I need a vacation after this! :P

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