Saturday, December 31, 2011

Playdate with Isla

Playdate number 2 is with Ali's classmate, Isla and her teacher, Brenda.  We had them over at our house in the morning.  Ali was SUPER excited when she heard that they were coming over.  

Isla walking around, checking out the different toys:

We noticed that Ali behaves very differently when Isla and Brenda are around.  When it's clean up time, she did it automatically.  Without any fuss and whining, and clean up without being told to.  Crazy, isn't it?  She is such a good girl and so well behaved, both my husband and I were shocked.  Oh, and she is so willing to share too.  If she is only like that every day!!!!

Ali loves having her hair done by Teacher Brenda.  Isla is working hard on the vacuum cleaner.

The two girls playing nicely together.

A very happy Ali!

Teacher Brenda holding baby Nate:

Brenda hanging out with the two little ones.  Look how happy the three are!

Thanks again for coming over to hang out with Ali.  We all had tons of fun!  Should definitely meet up and do another playdate soon!

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Playtime with the Sharkies

Normally, I really really look forward to Christmas holidays, but this year, I was dreading it.  Why?  Ali's daycare had a two week break during Christmas.  And that means, mommy has two kids to deal with.  Two??  What??  But I only have one pair of arms!!!  I quickly asked around for playdates and my high school friend, Connie, is the first to answer to my SOS!  Actually, I shouldn't say that.  Hubby is kind enough to offer to work from home last week and took this week off to help.  So thanks so much, my wonderful husband!!!

We had a quick snack before started playing.  Sylvia loves the baby mum-mum that we brought over and Ali brought over extra boxes of raisins for the girls as well.

Sylvia helping her little sister, Mavis, with her crackers.

Sylvia then brought out her favourite plush animals to share with Ali.  Interesting enough, both girls like sharks!!  And they have a huge plush toy and a shark hat!  Ali is more into little fishes like Nemo.

Two scary, but cute sharks!!!!!!!!!

Sylvia showing Ali her other toys.

Ali checking out their nice comfy couch.

Thanks again for having us over, Connie!!  Ali and I had a great time!!
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ali's JK1 Christmas concert

Ali's school has an annual Christmas concert and each class performs a few Christmas songs.  Last year, Ali was so scared that she did not do anything.  Just stood there (and we paid how much for those tickets again, honey?).  Yup, and the buffet wasn't even that great.  Anyhow, this year, we thought Ali might be able to do a bit better.  I mean, she is so loud and super animated at home.  We had high hopes.

N:  "What's this place?  Why is there so much noise, mommy?"

Ali's class getting ready before their turn.  Our little one is always super clingy to her "Teacher Brenda".

Her JK1 class getting ready to hit the stage:

As soon as Ali saw me, she made a bee line for mommy.  She even threw away all the props (jingle bells gloves and pom-poms).  I had to bring her back and then she started crying.  Terrific.  She kept wanting me to stay with her so I had to quickly ninja my way out and hid in the crowd.  The whole time the music was playing, she was looking for me, but finally given up after awhile.  Instead of dancing and singing, she stood there like a statue...again!!!  Just like last year.  To make feel a bit better, practically her whole class was like that.  Well, I guess my girl is normal!

A few of her friends from JK1.

Our PAC was able to raise some money to hire an entertainer for this year's concert.  Scruffles the clown was very popular with the kids.  They loved the balloons that he made - so cool!

Daddy and his little girl.

At first Ali refused to go near Santa, but after I told her she can ask Santa for a gift, she quickly changed her mind.  It was at this concert that she told Santa she wanted a bag like mommy's.

A picture of the two kids with me and por por.

On our way to the parking lot, Ali wanted to take a picture with the gigantic xmas tree in the lobby.

This is the "magic wand" that the clown made.  Cool, huh?

All in all, it was a great winter concert.  It was nice to see her class all dressed up and had a chance to meet the other parents from her class as well.  Hopefully, she will be able to perform a bit better next year!  

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday baking

Before the start of Ali's Christmas vacation, we wanted to give her teachers some holiday treats.  This year we decided to make some shortbread cookies.  This is Ali's very first time baking.  She had so much fun rolling the dough and cutting the cookies!

 Ali, the chef with crazy hair!

Some of our finished products:

Ali sampling her own work.  When we brought them to school the next day, she ran to her teachers and told them she made the cookies.  When we picked her up in the afternoon, her teachers told us that she told everyone that she made the cookies and she was very willing to share with her whole class!  Maybe I should bake more with her so that she can learn to share!  

We have also received a super cute xmas card from our Kiki and Hayden.  Ali loved it so much she wanted to put it up on our tree with her favourite teddy bear.

And she remembered she made a xmas tree herself too.

So, she wanted mommy to put kiki and hayden's card on her own tree instead.  Silly one!

Nate is totally missing out on the blog.  So here is a random picture of por por burping him.  Cute!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

One of the best Christmas presents that I have ever got wonderful son, Nate.  He arrived just in time for the holidays!   Nothing beats spending time with your loved ones, right?  Lucky for us this year, we get to have both Ali and Nate to celebrate Christmas with!  And you can't ask for better companions than these two!

On Christmas Eve, we spent time with my husband's family.  This year, we decide to take it easy and go out to eat.  

After dinner, Ali opened her xmas gift from goo ma and goo cheung.  She is SUPER excited to get a camera for xmas!!!  She wouldn't let go of her camera the whole time.

Great-grand went over to our house and gave Ali her xmas present.  Ali returned the favor by giving her a big kiss on the cheek!  Thank you great-grand!

And of course grandma has a gift for Ali too!

Por por got her a medical exam kit.  Silly mommy forgot about Ali's 2-year old check up until a few weeks ago and since that visit (and a few more that we went for Nate's check ups), Ali has been fascinated with doctors.  She would pretend to be doctor and we are forced to be her patients.  LOL.  She is super excited to open to see that she got the doctor kit from her por por!  

And as a really special treat, we had our neighbour dressed up as Santa this year.  Ali told Santa earlier that she wanted a bag (just like mommy's) for Christmas, so Santa came all the way from North Pole to deliver her present!  Unfortunately, instead of a big warm welcome hug, Ali started crying as soon as Santa walked in!

After a few minutes, Ali finally warmed up a bit and willing to sit close to Santa (but has to be on mommy's lap).  It is really cute to see her super excited and nervous about getting the gift from Santa.  I think Santa is the only person that would make her nervous.  Sometimes, she gets all shy and would not say anything at all. But when Santa asked her what she wanted for Christmas, she said in a quick and excited voice, "A bag", and she would hide in my arms again.  And when Santa asked if she has been a good girl, she would nod her head fervently.  SO CUTE!!!!!  

The Lams with Santa Ernie:

When Ali was finally asleep, hubby and I had to sort through a sea of gifts.  There are so many xmas presents!!  Our kids are super spoiled!  After we went through some of them, she was allowed to open (just the packaging paper) half of them and we put them underneath the tree for her to look at the next morning.

Our family wishes you and your family the absolute best this holiday season!  We hope your Christmas was just as fun and exciting as ours!  Merry Christmas!

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hotel hopping in December

Last week, we took the two to Downtown to take a look at the Christmas trees that are n display.  First stop was the Four Seasons.  We happened to past by a Telus booth and daddy won an owl doll for Ali.  Look how happy she was!!

"Woooo...this tree has so many owls on it...coool!!!!"

Daddy with the two little ones.

Ali is quite interested in fire trucks and ambulances.  She was pretty excited to see the fire trucks xmas tree on display and of course, the firemen board!

"Mommy, this polar bears are playing hockey!"

We went to Hotel Georgia after and they have a uber-cool artwork.  This is what you see from the front.

And this is what you see on the side.  So cool!!!!

And from the other side.  Isn't this the neatest thing?

And when you get closer to the painting, this is what you will see.  Fascinating, isn't it!?

We were then off to Hyatt to check out their gingerbread house.

Ali really enjoying the Christmas carols at Hotel Georgia, so we had to go back to listen to the carols again!  She was really scared at first, but she loved their singing so much that by the end, she didn't want to leave!  Oh and did I mention Santa was giving out free hot chocolate too?  A must-hit if you are interested in xmas hotel hopping.

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