Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or treat!

I tried pretty hard to look for a good costume for Ali, but all the costumes for 2 and above seemed a little too flimsy.  Getting desperate, I tried to look up DIY costume ideas online and found one that I know my little girl would like - baa baa sheep!  Here are the materials that I used - old pillow cover, black felt, a lot of cotton balls and some fabric glue.

The sheep costume was not difficult to make at all, but it was difficult for me to get the right size for Ali (in terms of the hat).  Man, she has a huge head.  It took me 3 tries to get it right.

The finished product.  

We were invited to our friends' halloween party on the weekend and Ali LOVED her sheep costume.  As a special treat, we let her bring her lovey with her.  A baa baa sheep holding another baa baa sheep!  Priceless!


Nolan dressed up as Wolverine, Allison dressed up as a ladybug and baby Adrian dressed up as an adorable tiger.

The kids had a lot of fun running around the house and hiding little pumpkins.  Good game, Auntie Anita!

I had a lot of fun holding baby Adrian in my arms.  This kid is smart.  He kept on staring at me and smile.  Gosh, how could I say no to that cute little face!!!

Today, Ali's daycare held a halloween party for the kids.  I would like to stay in her teacher's good books so I let Ali wore a low maintenance costume - Abby Cadabby.  Seriously, I am pretty sure the teachers would hate me if I let the little one wear the sheep outfit to school.  Those cotton balls kept on falling off and I am sure the kids would love to touch the cotton balls too.

Kissing daddy goodbye in the morning.

The party started shortly after their nap.  Here is Isla the mouse:

Sophia as buzz lightyear:

And the rest of the group:

After her party, we took Ali trick or treating.  This is her first time going around asking for candies (instead of us carrying her).  She had so much fun!!

Ali in action:
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Saturday, October 29, 2011

JJ's dol

Lucky us, we were invited to Baby JJ's birthday party.  We have never been to a dol before and it was really nice to be part of the celebration.  JJ's mommy put a lot of time into the birthday party.  Look at all the decorations!!  And look at that cake, it's gorgeous!  JJ's aunt is a pro in making cakes, I need to keep that in mind!!

And look at all the party favours!!  They have so many candies!  And cupcakes!!!  And bags of goodies too, oh my!

One of the Korean traditions is to let the baby pick a toy and that toy represents what it holds for them in the future.  Guess what JJ picked?!

Guests would guess and put their names in the appropriate jar.  Winner could get a gift card!  Too bad we didn't guess correctly tho!  Boo....

Guest sign in table:

Lovely floral arrangements:

Our baby girl all dressed up for JJ's big day.

The star with his mom and dad:

Mommy and JJ in their traditional Korean clothes, so beautiful!!!  I want to wear one too!!!

Picture with all the kids and their parents:

Gotta take a family picture with our pretty girl.  We really should have dressed her up more.
Thanks for inviting us, baby JJ!!!  Stephanie, you did an AMAZING job decorating the place and everything is just PERFECT!!  We had such a great time!!  And thanks so much for the party favours too!!  Ali and our little little one love it!!
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Patch @ Maple Ridge

We went to Laity Pumpkin Patch in Maple Ridge on the Thanksgiving weekend.  It is not big, but they have all the right components to keep a toddler happy.

Ali's favourite - farm animals!

This is the cleanest goat I have ever seen.  I want to call him Snow White.

And of course, the adorable bunnies:

Ali's absolute love - baa baa sheep:

Cute duckies:

Mommy pretending she is a pirate!

They have a fairy tale trail.  This section is all about sea creatures from Nemo.

Mommy and Ali taking a stroll admiring all the fun stuff on display.  They have a small zoo section, a dinosaur section and gnome section, etc.  Pretty neat to look at.

Daddy posing with his little girl on the pumpkin wagon.

Family picture time!

There are animal cutouts on the "pretend farm".  Ali had a great time just wondering around and checking out all the farm animal cutouts.  Not so keen on the real stuff (she was really scared), but totally cool with the fake stuff.  Here is Ali and daddy posing on the horse carriage.

Bright orange pumpkins!!
We liked this pumpkin patch, but a bit far from the city.  I think next time we probably just head back to the Richmond one instead.  All in all, it's a good family outing!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Allison and Ali @2

I hate being sick.  Especially when I can't take any medication at this moment.

Enough of my complaints, now back to blogging!  We had Ali's bff over for a fun weekend.  Allison did really well in the beginning, but 10 minutes after her daddy took off, she couldn't stop crying!  The only thing that I could come up with is to bribe her with stickers (fail), toys (fail) and Os (fail).  How about Elmo's hearts? Yup, that worked!  Look at the two girls snacking happily.

After a few hearts, they move on to their entree - Spanish rice.

I know it didn't look spectacular, but Ali loved it and so did Allison.  Half way through the dinner, I asked Ali whether she liked the mum mum and she tapped on Allison's tray asking her, "Yum, yum, right?  yes?"  and started shoving big spoonfuls of rice in her mouth.  Hubby and I were laughing non-stop.  Oh, my funny girl!

After dinner, Allison had another meltdown.  I guess she really missed her mommy and daddy and baby brother.  We tried bribing her with Jello this time.

The two girls just love the jello that Allison's mommy made!!  Yum, yum!!

After dessert, we moved on to fruits!  The girls played while they enjoyed some delicious grapes!  We did not intentionally dress them up.  Out of the blue, Ali went to her room and asked to put on her orange tutu and so daddy brought out her pink tutu for Allison too.

Half an hour before her parents arrive, Allison started to warm up and became a lot more vocal.  She totally enjoyed playing with all the toys and Ali's company!  What a good girl!

We did a little bit of dancing and singing.  Hubby and I are terrible singers, but the little ones seemed to have a  good time!  Thanks for coming over Yan-yan!!  We should have playdates more often!!!

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Friday, October 14, 2011

My two funny kids

Sometimes, I felt like I have two kids at home.  Yes, I know I am pregnant, and that I DO have two kids, but I meant two kids excluding the little little one who is still baking inside the oven.  Hubby and Ali do the silliest thing.

My two funny babes!

I really enjoy watching hubby interacts with the little girl.  They played so well together and I just love the moments when the girl giggles.  Time to share one of those precious father-daughter moments that I caught last week.
Hopefully, when baby #2 arrives, we will be able to spend quality time with Ali!  
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Our little one's new hobby is to lie on the floor to doodle.  And she would often ask for the camera.  Yes, she likes me to take pictures of her while she is doodling!!!  Crazy little thing!

A:  "Do I have your attention now??  Good, now gotta go back to my drawing."

A:  "Look at all these lines, mommy!!  Take more pictures, please!!!"

...and back to drawing!
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