Sunday, July 31, 2011

More kai sibling fun!

We had a few playdates with Ali's kai sibling (Kiki and Hayhay) when they were in town.  It is really precious to see our kids growing up together!  And they are growing so fast too!!

Kiki LOVES Sam.  I swear if it is not for our cat, she wouldn't even want to visit Vancouver.  She loves our cat that much!!

The kids with their mommies:

Kai baba going nuts with the two girls:

Ali checking out the pig tails that kai mama did for her:

K:  Um, what should we watch today?
H:  I don't know, just show me anything.
A:  What are you guys up to?  Can....I...join???

Kai mama reading a story to Hayden and Ali:

Bath time!!!  Ali has been talking about taking baths with these two every day.  She loves taking baths with her kai geh and kai goh!

Fishing game!  Everyone's favorite!
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ali's 2nd birthday celebrations

Can't believe two years threw by just like that!!  Our little one is officially two years old!!  

Just like last year, we had two birthday parties - one for the family and the other one for friends.  My mom and my mother-in-law both have birthdays very close to Ali.  It made a whole lot of sense to do group birthdays (then we don't have to do three separate meals!!)

Por por and her friend, Amanda.  Oh Amanda is an amazing cook, her pad thai was just AMAZING!!!  These two were forced to hold Ali's toys, lol.

Uncle Dan supervising the two boys when they are playing with their mom's ipad.  He was afraid that the two might trash the ipad if they got too angry playing angry birds...hahhaha....And look at goo cheung, he was also forced to hold on to Ali's baa baa sheep.

Ali kissing her favourite toy.

Ali got yet another birthday gift from goo ma and goo cheung - a Woodstock!  Now, Snoopy is going to be REALLY happy!!!

Her goo ma and goo cheung never failed to spoil the little one rotten.  They got her a small panda cake.  Unfortunately, it was a tiramisu, so it went straight into daddy's tummy.

The three happy birthday gals waiting to cut their cake.  Look at that beautiful craving of the watermelon.  Amanda spent two days craving it.  Gorgeous!  Thanks so much, Amanda!

The next day we had our friends over.  Weather has been really aweful this summer.  More like fall than summer.  We prayed and prayed to have nice weather and guess what?  It was freakishly hot!!!  Awesome!!!  Perfect day for a pool party!  

The water was a little cold so the kids tend to sit on the edge of the pool to play.  Only baby Madeline was brave enough to sit in the water!!!  Look at her fearless face!

Ali and her bff Allison, chilling by the pool.

Allison even brought her little brother Adrian along too!!  Look how content he was....zzzzzz.....

While everyone was having fun, poor daddy was working his butt off, preparing and grilling the food.  He was barbequing for 3 hours straight in the heat!!  Thank you hubby!!!  You are the best dada EVER!!!!

The adults were having fun playing with the fishing game.  Umm...guys, those are for the kids, you know!!!  LOL.

Kids and adults hanging out.

Mommy didn't slack off that much.  I spent most of my day prepping for dinner, making a big pot of pasta for the little ones and making dessert.  I chose to make banana bread and morning glory muffins (carrots, zucchini, apples and raisins) this time since most of the kids can eat cakes now.  They are relatively healthier choices, but for the ones that really like sweets, I asked Ali's kai mama to help me make nutella frosting.  I know NOTHING about frosting and she is an expert!!!  Thanks Y for all your help!!!

Look how cute the cupcakes turned out!

Allison and her mommy enjoying dessert after a delicious bbq!

Trevor goh goh enjoying his cupcake while checking out the cat.

My dessert monsters, Kiki and Hayhay!!!  Apparently, they ate 3 bowls of pasta and still have room for half a dozen of cupcakes!!!!

Daddy, Ali and the kai siblings.  Look at dada's crazy hair.  It has been a long day for daddy!!!!

Family picture with the birthday girl.  Of course, we couldn't leave Sam out of this!!

Thanks everyone for celebrating Ali's birthday with us!!!  She had SO MUCH FUN!!!  It took her two days to recover from this fun-packed weekend!!!  And not to mention all the wonderful birthday gifts she got too!! You guys really have spoiled her (and us) silly!!!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our Seattle trip (Part 2)

I have been doing really well in terms of blogging, but I am behind yet again!  Ali's birthday party took up too much of my time and energy.  Well, I am finally back to business!

During our short, but fun Seattle trip, we went to a farm.  It is quite a nice place for our little toddler.  Ali really likes trains and so we started off with a train ride. Apparently, it is a really old steam engine!

All aboard!  While we waited for the train to depart, Ali had fun looking at a few baa baa sheep.  And there was a black one too!

On our train tour, we saw a few moo moos resting on the green grass patch.

And an emu.

Our friend Shirley and her family.  Because it is a REAL train, Ali got scared with all the loud noises.  She hung on to dada real tight!  And there was a short tunnel too.  Ali got really afraid and started crying...poor girl!

Daniel was completely at ease.  Of course, he is much older and he has been to this farm a billion times!!!

A short visit to the barnyard.  The animals are quite aggressive when it comes to food.  No need to say that they scared Ali silly.  She wanted nothing to do with these guys at all.

Llama, llama, where is your red pajama??

This farm is really awesome in the sense that they don't just have animals for kids to look at, but they have a few rides as well.  And it's unlimited!!!  Everything included in the admission.  Cool!  On our way to a car ride.

Daniel "driving" his family:

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the sign, but apparently, pregnant women are not allowed on this particular ride??  Reason?  I don't know.  Seriously, it is safer than driving a regular car!!!  So I didn't get to go on this ride.  Lucky dada.

Ali has never played with hay before.  She had a terrific time.

Crawling in and out of the tunnel trying to find Daniel goh-goh:

This is perhaps, the best and sweetest ride for Ali and for the parents.  Daniel taking Ali to go on a mini-ferris wheel.  Isn't this picture so cute??? Look at the determination on Daniel's face and Ali looked...unsure.

We asked Ali a million times whether she wanted to go on the ride with Daniel and she said yes.  So in they go.  At first, she was fine, but not when the ferris wheel started going up, she cried like mad.  Daniel, being the SWEETEST boy on earth, started holding her hand without prompting and Ali stopped crying.  A very short clip of the two on the ferris wheel.

After resting for a bit, Ali felt a lot better and played on the horses.  They even have ponies that kids can ride on.  But Ali got too scared, as usual.

After spending a couple hours at the farm, we decided to go for an early dinner.  Look how content the little one was.  Eating her favourite "bao-bao" and wearing her cool shades!!  Nothing beats a day like this!

Dada, on the other hand, was dead tired carrying the little one around.  Poor hubby!

After dinner, the two went bananas.  They were laughing and giggling about you know what and just couldn't stop.
It was really, really sweet watching the two interact with each other.  A year ago, Ali wasn't able to do much, but this time, she really enjoyed playing with/alongside Daniel.  And Daniel goh-goh is perhaps, Ali's first big brother figure, who is always very inclusive of Ali - showing her all his toys and teaching her how to play with them, hold her hands and drag her around all the time and very tolerant of her.  We had a hard time leaving.  Whenever Ali woke up from her naps, she would always ask for her goh-goh or Uncle David or Auntie Shirley.  On our last day, Daniel hugged me from behind, didn't want us to leave.  He also asked hubby to just leave Ali there and pick her up another time.  Really, how sweet and adorable can you be, Daniel??  

Anyways, we had an absolutely fabulous time!  Thank you for putting up with us, Shirley, David and Daniel.  You guys are wonderful hosts!!!  Hope to see you guys in Vancouver some time soon!
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our seattle trip (Part 1)

Travelling with a toddler is difficult.  A usual 2-3 hours drive turn into a 7 hour one.  Crazy, right?  well, we can't really blame Ali completely.  We did some shopping and every now and then, we had to do stops so that she could run around and get the energy out.  One of the stops is Toys R Us.  She just loves hanging out there.  I have been wanting to get her a backpack for a while now, but couldn't find one that I really liked.  We found a huge selection of bags in the states and Ali had a great time trying out different backpacks.  She is totally a girly-girl!

Playing with choo-choos while she had her new backpack on:

We were lucky enough to stay at one of hubby's ex-coworker in Isssquah.  Really nice developments in that area.  The houses are just GORGEOUS!  After dinner, their son Daniel showed Ali how to play the fishing game.  Ali just loved it!

Daniel took a picture of Ali:

Look at their beautiful and spacious kitchen.  Man, I am so jealous!!

The next day, Aunt Shirley and Daniel went "park-hopping" with us.  Without prompting, Daniel just grabbed Ali's hand and ran with her!!  So cute!!  I think this is the first time that an older kid is that inclusive of Ali.  Hubby and I just find it so adorable!

Ali and Daniel on the slide together.  She loves her Daniel goh-goh.  She likes him so much that she looks for Daniel ALL the time!  Even now, a week after our road trip, she still calls for him sometimes!

Checking out another park with dada:

Daniel enjoying his time at the park:

Mommy trying to drag the little one back to the car.  She didn't want to leave at all!

After playing in the parks for some time, we went out for a lovely brunch.  The food there was awesome!