Saturday, February 27, 2010

More exersaucer time, please!

I love playing in my exersaucer. It's so much fun!!! Thank you Kai mama's mama!!!

This is my favorite. If you push the middle button, you will lights blinking and music starts to play.
"AAAAaaaaaa.....little star!"
Jump, jump, jump!
Woohooo, yippeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!
"Hi, wanna pick me up? I am done."
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Proud to be a Canadian

One thing that I did not expect to see in this winter Olympics is that people all around us are proud to carry the Canadian flag on them. Everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE I go, I see Canadian flags. You see them on the street, cars, in the mall, in a dental clinic and even painted on people's face. It unites all the Canadians and seems to bring everyone closer together. We are in the last week of the Olympics and have seen many photos of our cool Downtown on Facebook. What's better to do than to be in part of the action! This is Anders and Ali on our way to LiveCity Yaletown.

Everyone is dressed in red or have some form of the Canadian flag on them.

Many street performances along the way. Here is my favorite one:

When we finally got there, this is the lineup getting in:

Alright. I guess we are not going to LiveCity. The line up is just ridiculous! The backup plan is to walk around and soak in all the Olympic spirit and the excitement around us. We wanted to take a picture of the torch in the Coca Cola pavilion, but we pretended we are in Switzerland instead.

Lame. Yes, I know. We are perfectly aware taking a pic in the Swiss Alps is not very Olympic at all, so we went to the Yahoo Fancouver site to take more "pretend pics".

On our way home, we passed by another picture site. Ali seemed to be pretty interested in the mascots.

We have never seen so many people in Downtown Vancouver before. It is just amazing to be in the city during this time. Unbelievable.

Richards & Robson:

On Granville:

If you have not been to downtown yet, you better do it soon. Don't miss out! It's totally worth the time! Go Canada, go!
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

My dada's weird friends

Dada invited a few of his friends over for the Olympics opening ceremony. Most of them are pretty chill, but there are two that are a little weird and creepy.

Shoo...go away monkey. Stop bugging me. Maybe if I use my wet, drooly hand, he will be scared and leave me alone.

It didn't work. That weird guy is sniffing my feet now. What should I do? Help me, Auntie Haelan!
Fat man vs Fat baby. Place your bets.
Who is this weirdo? Mama, he is now trying to bribe me with a toy block. Is he a "gold fish man"?
Maybe he won't be able to see me if I hide behind this toy. I am not here, I am not here...
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yummy blocks

Someone gave me a block to play with. OOOOoohhh, it smells so good. I wanna eat it!!! Yum, yum, yum, let me put it in my mouth.
RRRrrrrrr...yummy yummy yummy....
Oops...I totally missed it, I guess I will suck on my fingers instead! Oh no, the camera is there.
Okay, gotta look innocent. I didn't suck on my fingers. Nope, I did not.
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Monday, February 15, 2010

A big block of Tofu

Lately, Ali has gained a little more weight and her face is getting rounder and rounder. Just want to illustrate our point, we decided to take a few pictures.
From the left:
... to the middle ... the right.

"Whaddya looking at? You haven't seen a tofu princess before? Shooo...go away or I will drool all over you!!!"
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Friday, February 12, 2010

Joining the Olympic fun - Part II

After we relaxed a little in the Coke cafe, we carried on our little Olympic tour. They had a huge Canadian flag up on Hotel Georgia. Pretty impressive, eh?The reflection on the TD building. Somehow, it looks a little grander than the actual thing.
We were on our way to the count down clock in the Art Gallery Plaza. I don't know if they pick this print because Chinese New Year is around the corner?
Six more days to the Olympic....wait, it is starting TODAY!
After all the excitement, hubby wants to try the famous Japa-dog.
This little hot dog stand is probably the busiest hot dog stand in town. Look at that line up!
It is so well known and popular that it was featured in a few different magazines, including the Maclean's! Many celebrities have visited this stand, including Jin (from Lost)! Look at all the different varieties listed on the board. Crazy!
We tried the most popular item - Spicy Terimayo. It is pretty good, definitely different. I wish I have taken a picture of our dog before we devoured it. The presentation is great (damn those Japanese people, they can make anything look GREAT)! But is it worth the 30 minutes wait?? Definitely not! We will definitely go there again...when there is no line up!

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Joining the Olympic fun - Part I

The Winter Olympics is starting real soon!! I thought what is better to do than to check out all the different cool Olympic related exhibits and memorabilia around downtown. It turned out to be a little bit of a disappointment. Maybe it is because we don't really know where to go, but the places that we checked out were not as exciting as I thought it would be.

Along Granville Street:

"Forest of Lanterns" - I don't want to be mean, but at first glance, I thought they are hanging some garbage on a pole. It turned out that those are paper lanterns and each lantern is decorated (pictures drawn) by an elementary school student. Too bad we were there in the day time. I am sure it will look pretty cool at night.
Again, another lantern crafted by a group in Taiwan.
A neat looking fish:
Um....I don't really know what it is, but it's unique, right?

What I really wanted to do, is to check out the Coca-Cola cafe. Yup, I am a big fan of Coke! It is way better than Pepsi and it is awesome! Although the cafe is much smaller than I anticipated.
Check out his cool Cola recycling container:
Ali will grow up to be a Cola girl too. She wants us to take a picture of her and our Coke bottle and she gives it a thumbs-up!
Our best man and his wife are in town and we all enjoyed a nice cold one in the Happiness cafe. Do you see that little box on the table? Well, there is a gold-coloured cola bottle in that box and they are selling it for $65!! It is a collectible item and they are only releasing 1000 of them. Nice, but really $65?? Are they crazy??
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