Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fun times at Yan-yan's

Oh yeah!  Playdate at Allison's house!  Ali was super excited to go to Yan-yan's place!

After some yummy dinner, we went downstairs and let the kids play for a bit.  Here are the two boys "hanging out".

The two lovely girls playing with blocks.  Allison is so proud of her building!

Ali lost interest in the blocks pretty fast. I think she is going to be my karaoke buddy when she is older.  Just  a feeling, you know.   Hehehee... 

Baby Adrian "destroyed" Allison's building.  She is a bit upset.  Things to look forward to when Nate is a bit more mobile.  Wonderful.

Nate is not as destructive as Adrian, for now.  And that deserves a big hug, right Allison??  LOL  No, yan-yan just loves babies!!!!

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nate - 6 months update!

Can't believe how fast time flew by!  Nate is already 6 and a half months now.  Where did the time go?  Seriously, if you asked me what I have done in the past few days, I still wouldn't be able to tell ya.  I guess the kids really kept me busy!

Nate is a pretty happy baby.  Loves to smile and laughs a lot.  He is a real flirt.  Loves to look at pretty ladies and tries to get their attention!  LOL.  He definitely got his temperament from his dad.  Chill and easy going.  Nate doesn't cry a lot, thank goodness!

Poor Nate does not get as much attention from us as his sister.  Maybe he knows he is still not going to get too much attention even if he cries.  My poor Nate!  He is easy to put to bed (he loves his crib!).  It is true that for the second baby, the parents are more easy going.  When we first had Ali, we would rush to her side if she cried.  But if Nate started to cry, both hubby and I would just adore his cuteness.  "Aww...he is crying...but he looks so cute!!"  Yes, we are mean parents.

Nate's bottom two teeth came out when he was four months old.  I am suspecting his top ones are coming out soon too because this little guy has been drooling excessively for the past few weeks.  Man, I can't keep up with the laundry!

Feeding is a bit of a challenge.  Nate is not a very good eater.  Well, no, I should say he is very easily distracted.  He is not crazy about  food.  If you let him pick between play or feed, it would be play for sure.  And when he is distracted, one bad habit of his is biting.  Ouch!  I have to train both my daughter and my hubby to be really quiet when I am feeding.  I have also learned that I can't wear any prints on my shirt.  I wore a nightgown with sheep prints on it one time and he started to bite me because he was more interested in the sheep than the feed.  What to heck!

Nate loves the rattle.  Actually, he likes any toys that he can lay his hands on.  His fine motor skills are developing nicely.  He can now pass object from one hand to the other.

One of his favorite pastime is playing with his fingers and toes.  Intriguing, aren't they?

Sophie the giraffe is one of his favourites.  Nate gets super excited when he hears the squeak.  I have learned that he does not bite as much if I let him chew on Sophie before I nurse.  Thanks, Sophie!

Another one of his favorites.  He loves pulling it and biting it too.

This little baby does not like to sit still.  Nate loves to bounce on my lap.  He also LOVES his jolly jumper and exersaucer.  I think he is going to be able to crawl/walk much earlier than Ali.  He is SO active!

He is also the most squirmy baby ever.  Nate just can't stay put and wiggles like a little fish.  It is often quite ifficult to hold him.  I can't imagine what life will be like when he becomes more mobile.  I am sure Ali would go crazy with Nate grabbing her toys.  

For now, they are best of friends.  Well, more like Nate sees Ali as his idol.  Whenever he starts to fuss, he would calm down right away when Ali comes to give him a hug.  Ali does love to check on her little brother every now and then to see if he is okay.  She is also super protective of him as well.  Not everyone is allowed to hold Nate because according to Ali, Nate is HER baby!  Having said that, Ali sometimes does get jealous of Nate and wants to monopolize her mommy.  Sometimes we will be able to reason with her, sometimes, we use bribe.  

Nate still needs to be fed once or twice at night.  This makes things a little harder for mommy.  I do want to cut down the number of feedings at night, but I am also worried about his food intake.  He does not drink too much milk.  We started solids a few weeks ago and boy, he just HATES it.  He will close his lips really tight and gags if any solids actually made it through.  So far we have tried rice cereal, avocado and green beans.  Maybe I should try something more sweet - like squash and carrots?  He is really hard to please!


Baby Nate does know how to get attention.  Look at his cute little pout!!  How can you say no to this adorable face!?

My two troublemakers.  Ali loves to hold hands with Nate.  So funny, these two!

Nate is a good baby.  I shouldn't be complaining, but...I was really hoping that he would be more like a Michelin baby (just like Ali).  Sadly, Nate is no where close to being a roly poly baby.  His weight (16 lbs 11oz) is between 10-25 percentile and height (27 inches) is between 50-75.  Baby, please please start eating solids!  Eat well, eat well my little dinosaur!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Ali's class went on a fun field trip to Koko's.  This is Ali's second time going to an indoor play structure and she LOVED it!  Because I had to take care of Nate, Ali basically played on her own (well, with her teachers and friends too).   

A picture of Ali with Ms. Milat and Jayden:

We NEVER pay for this kind of ride-ons.  But since it is free, why not??

The play structure is quite high, about 2-storey in height.  I thought Ali would be too chicken to go, but I guess I was wrong.

Ali's teachers had fun too!  

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

SF Zoo

Lots of first for Ali!  This time is the zoo!!  Ali was really really excited to go since she has been reading about zoo and animals for awhile now.  

First was the giraffe safari.  Very cool!!

A close up on those long-necked cuties.  Ali loves giraffes!

Couldn't hug the real thing, so Ali settled for a substitute.

The penguins were definitely the highlight of the SF zoo.  There were zookeepers talking about them like a show...hahaha...  

Ali checking out the penguin hide-outs.  She was quite entertained.

A sleepy hippo upclose.  Boy, this hippo was a bit stinky!

"Mommy, I am riding on a hippo!!!"

Our relatives told us that the reason why they have the plexiglass in place was because there was an incident a few years ago where the tiger managed to get out of the confined area and ate one of the visitors.  Scary stuff.  Apparently, the teenager that got eaten provoked the tiger first.

The cutest tarantula I have ever seen!
Overall, it is a good starter zoo for my growing toddler.  The place is not too big, but still a lot to see!  We will definitely go back next time we are in SF!! 
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Kiki's birthday party

Oh gosh, I can't believe the last time I blog was half a month ago.  Dang.  And this post is about 1 month late!!  (Stupid korean drama!!!!)  Alright here we go!!

Part of the reason why we went to SF in April is because of our goddaughter's birthday.  Kai mama has put in a lot of work in Kiki's party.  The two little ones went to their mommy as soon as they smell the sweet scent of cupcakes!!!

Admiring the beauties....the birthday party theme is rainbow, btw.  The white cake might look plain to an outsider, but it is actually made up of 6 different layers (all different colours!!).

We were worried Ali couldn't join the kids in the play area, but looked like we were just being silly.  I can't believe how tall our girl is!

The States never ceased to amuse me with their crazy kids hang-outs.  A ginormous box for the presents???

We have never been to a crazy kids birthday party.  Kiki's is our very first.  Ali had SO MUCH FUN at this place.  They have quite a few hugo inflatable play structures.  Ali was a bit intimidated by them and we had to go with her.  Man, I never seen her sweat like that before.  Crazy!

Mommy and Ali going down the slide.

Daddy has been recruited by Ali...for the nth time!

A very very tired daddy.  I have to say, it is a pretty damn hard workout.  Both of us (especially daddy) were quite tired after.

Meanwhile, the little one was enjoying his nice long nap.

Ali waiting for her turn to bat:

Kiki and her gang:

Hayden keeping Ali company while they have snacks together:

Kiki on her royal throne:

Family shot!

Kiki's royal banquet:

This is Ali's very first time having cupcake with frosting.  Mind you, we took a whole chunk of already, but she still LOVED it so so much.  She didn't take a bite of the cake, but spend the whole time licking the frosting off, so funny!!  Kai mama kept on saying we were depriving our child of the sweet pleasures, but hey, who had to deal with the sugar rush after??  

We had a blast!!!  A week after the party, Ali said she wanted to go Kiki's birthday again!  Hahhaa...right.  Thanks for inviting us Kiki!!!
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