Monday, March 19, 2012

2 or 3?

When I was pregnant with Nate, my husband and I were 100% sure that we did not want to have more kids. Okay, let's back up a bit.  My husband wanted 1 (he was pretty firm about having just 1 when Ali was 2 months old).  I wanted 0 or 2 (I love my brothers even though we fought like mad and I wanted Ali to have crazy siblings just like me).  At the end, we compromised and agreed to have 2.  


So when people asked me, "Do you want #3?"  I almost snapped at them.  My typical response is, "Are you crazy?  No way!!  I am done!"  But now when I looked at my little tofu and realized that this is the last time I am going to have a baby, I am starting to have second thoughts.



Really?  This is the last time I get to cuddle with my own teeny tiny baby.  My last time to witness the birth of my own child?  No more pregnancy?  Okay, not like I really really enjoyed the pregnancy (especially the last few weeks - they were just torturous!), but the fact that a new life residing in my body is too miraculous.  From the pregnancy to the birthing process to watching my children grow, that is one extraordinary journey.


Realistically, I don't think we will have a third.  Raising kids in Vancouver is SO freakishly expensive!  Child care, education, diapers - you name it!  Everything is money.  And on top of that, there are only two of us.  It is rather unfortunate that we don't get much help from the family.  Hiring help is an option, but then again, it is mighty costly.  As tempting as the third one sounds, hubby and I decided the only way that we would consider having a third is...winning the lottery or an "accident" .  And yes, I have bought a 649.   Wish me luck!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Some good food!

My absolute favourite restaurant in Vancouver is Gyoza King.  I think the last time we went there was almost 3 years ago.  When our friends told us Gyoza King now serves dinner at 5pm, we were totally excited to visit it again.

It has been so long!!!!!!  The place is a bit small and is usually packed by 6.  Going there with kids at 5 is perfect.  If you have never been there, you have to try there ebi mayo, chicken karaage, gyozas and negitoro don.  So AWESOME!!!!!!  We wolfed down our food so fast that we totally forgot about the picture until it is too late.  Oh well!  

After dinner, we wanted more!!!  Our favourite dessert place is La Terrazza.  While other people were having dinner, we moved on to desserts!  No line ups there by the lounge!!!  Woo hoo!  The masterminds behind all this eating - Uncle King, Aunt Virginia and Baby Lucas.

The meals were very satisfying, I must say!  In fact, we were so so so happy about our meals, we went back to Gyoza King a week later!!  Yeah!

The BEST white chocolate cheesecake I have ever had!!

Thanks again for coming out with us, King and Virge!  We will miss you.  Please come back to visit soon!!!
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Thursday, March 8, 2012


Ali's favourite storytime at ht library is taking a hiatus.  To occupy her, I recruited a few of my friends to entertain Ali.  It did not take long for Ali to warm up to her Aunt Brenda.  When I was cooking in the kitchen, Ali took Brenda to her room and showed her the things she learned in her music and dance classes.  (although poor Aunt Brenda had no idea what my little girl was up to...hahaha)

That's a cute smile!  Look how happy she is!

Uncle Carlo came to play after work and Ali quickly gave him a kiss!

And of course, Chef Ali wanted to show off her cooking skills to Brenda and Carlo!

Ali dragged Brenda along during one of her "shopping trips".

It's circle time!  Ali is pretending to read to her aunt and uncle.  (Btw, that's my recipe book she is holding...)

Can you figure out what she was singing?

After the two left, Ali was super exhausted and all she wanted to do was to lie on her mats.  Funny gal!
Brenda and Carlo, thanks for entertaining Ali!  So, when are you free again?  ;P

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Playdate with Isla

Since we don't get much help from the family, we tried to rely on friends that are in the same boat as us.  One of Ali's classmates came over for a playdate while her mommy went for a haircut.  The two little girls took a little bit of time to warm up in the beginning.  But it sure didn't take long before the girls went crazy!

Two goofy gals!

Woooo...kitty cat!  Soft!  Sammy is (almost) always a big hit among kids.

Isla and Ali started dancing and singing while they waited for me to get some craft supplies.  Thank goodness daddy took this video for me.  Gosh, they are just so adorable!

Let's eat some mac and cheese!

The little ones slept surprisingly well together.  I shouldn't be surprised, considering they do go to daycare together.  I did go in to make sure they were asleep before I left the room tho.

We are the PJ Gals!

Thanks Isla for coming over!!  We all had such a wonderful time!  Another playdate soon?
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