Friday, April 29, 2011

My favorite uncles!

I am seriously behind with my postings.  Ali's uncles came and visit her a month ago and again, this post has been delayed.  Uncle Peter and Paul stayed with us for only 6 days, but during that time, Ali really enjoyed their company!

Here is a picture of Ali and Uncle Peter:

A:  What do you have there, Uncle Paul?
P:  Well, this book is about dogs...

A:  Thank you for reading me a story *headbutt kiss!!*

Ali hanging out with her uncles:

Ali playing "tickle me Ali" with Uncle Pete over dim sum:

Thank you for coming over to visit us (really to visit dad, but it's all good).  It was really nice to see you guys spending time with Ali.  Come back more often!!
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter weekend

We took Ali to an Easter display at a mall for our Easter long weekend.  It's pretty cute, with lots of bunnies and eggs decorations.  

And a big giraffe decorated with flowers.  Oh their theme is "Tea party with Alice", if that makes any sense.

Here is a picture with Auntie Brenda:

Ali and her newly adopted family...hahahhaa....(if you guys ever want to babysit, just lemme know!!)

A big hug for Auntie Brenda...thank you for spending the whole afternoon with me!!!  =)

Can't do without an Easter bunny picture!

A chickadee picture with mom and dad:

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Crazy hair day

I haven't been blogging for awhile now.  I have been pretty sick for the past few days - nothing serious, just a really bad flu and pink eyes (infected by my beloved daughter).  It was so bad that I had to take a whole week off.  I guess it is kind of like an extended Spring Break, except that I have zero energy to do anything at all.  

After I have slightly recovered from my cough, Ali got sick again and somehow, it has made my cough a little worse.  Damn.  Anyways, I will try hard to blog more often, but my work is also behind, so it is going to be a bit tough.

Here are a few pictures of Ali's new hair-do.  The last day of March was "crazy hair day" at her daycare.  I didn't know what it meant until I picked her up that afternoon.  I couldn't stop laughing.

Doesn't this picture remind you of those old Chinese movies (like Crouching Tiger), where the heroine has some weird hair-do??  "Hi, my name is Ali, I am here to save the day."

"Mama, don't you just love my crazy hair???"
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Caleb's birthday party

One of the fun things we did during Spring Break was attending Uncle Caleb's birthday party.  Uncle Caleb is really young by the way - he is only 5!  This year, their wonderful parents hosted their party at a kids' gym in Richmond.  Totally cool.  Totally awesome.  This is Ali's first time to go to this kind of gym.  Cool thing about this place is that they have a section just for toddlers.  We don't have to worry about Ali getting hurt because of the older kids going nuts.  

A:  Hi mama, whatsup???

Ali having fun flipping through all the pictures.

Nathan:  This is what you do.  You lock all the pieces together and look, you have a house.
A:  Umm....I don't wanna play with him, mama.  He took my stool and turned it into a house.

From this angle, Ali looks like a surfer girl. :)

Thank you Caleb for inviting us to your birthday party!!!  We all had loads of fun!!  Too bad we didn't have a chance to take a picture with you that day!!!  Happy belated!!  
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Sunday, April 3, 2011


I can't believe Spring break is coming to an end already.  Where did those two weeks go???  When my brothers are in town, I am glad that at least we get a chance to go to a nice chocolate place to munch on some goodies.

Ali('s mom) enjoying a nice cup of hot cocoa....yummmm!!!!!!

Uncle Pete enjoying his.
If you are in Vancouver, you must try Thomas Haas's double almond croissant and butter croissants!!  Super delicious!!!!
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