Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It is so so difficult to find time to blog these days.  Here is a new word that Ali learned last week:

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I love dim sum

Mommy loves dim sum and so does my little tofu princess.  We went to our regular dim sum hang out spot with Ali and grandpa.  Since she is older now, we thought we let her try more table food with us.  

A taste of beef balls, yum!!  Ali also really likes rice rolls.
Ali:  "Wahahahhaa....It's SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Here is a short clip of Ali eating.  In case you are wondering, she is staring at the TV after.  Haha, this girl knows how to enjoy life!

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

No work for mommy this week

Ali got a high fever starting on Saturday.  She vomited just like last time, but this time we are way more prepared.  We got the suppositories at home and we gave that to her right away. We took her to the clinic on Sunday and the doc said her throat was really really red and inflamed.  That explained all the excess drool and the fact that she didn't want to eat or drink at all.  He also recommended us to do a blood test just in case it is anything weird going on.

The fever eventually broke the next day.  I took her to our family doctor for a second opinion on the blood test.  If I can avoid it, I would rather her not to go through that kind of pain.  Unfortunately, our family doc did agree with the clinic's recommendation and off we go again!  It was just a nightmare.  Horrific to watch to say the very least.

Since Ali couldn't really eat or drink and losing fluids left and right, we tried everything we can to help her to replenish the lost fluids in any shape or form.  And the antibiotics too.  Need to wash that stuff down somehow.  So we tried giving her jello (Ali is only so so with it), ice cream with antibiotics (not really liking it that much).  Most of the time we just stick with yogurt.  We even let her watch TV while we measured her temperature.   

Ali seems to cough a bit when she lies in bed and we had to go to her room to comfort her every 15 minutes.  Instead of both of us not getting any sleep, I decided to bring Ali to our room and kicked hubby out.  At least he can sleep (sort of).  All this time, I said I won't bring our kid to our room to sleep, that is just wishful thinking.  All the rules that we set were broken in a matter of 24 hours.  *sigh*  What things parents wouldn't do to help their little ones to get better!?

I have to say, this week is way more tough than going to work.  I would rather mark and prep all night than dealing with this.  I do have to say I feel really sorry for my students.  They have not seen me for the whole week.  Brave little Ali, please get better soon!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Ali's first trick or treat

My sweet little pumpkin:

Took Ali to trick or treat at Brentwood.  It is more busy than boxing day.

Crazy line up at the Boo-levard train.

Ali in her ducky oufit!  Cute!!  Thanks Goo-ma for the sweet outfit!

Trick or treat at Kin's market.  No chocolates, just a mandarin orange.

Ali and mommy at the pumpkin patch in the mall.

Ali and her friends at the Halloween party.

Friday, November 5, 2010

My pumpkin fairy

Ali's second costume is a pumpkin fairy.  Her wonderful kai mama got her a pumpkin hat and a cute orange tutu!!  So cute!!  Funny enough, another friend of mine got her a matching orange top!  Her second costume is set!

Took a picture with her classmates, Isla and Colby on costume day.

Ali's little boyfriend, Sebastian.  Apparently, after he got up from his nap, he will go over to kiss Ali and pat her on her head (their mats are right next to each other).  I have also been told that Ali would go and kiss him (forehead to forehead kind of kiss) too from time to time.

Gigantic pumpkin at Metrotown.  I took a picture of it right when they started to carve it and now it is finally done.  Unfortunately, it started to mold after a week.  I took a picture of the picture that was on display.

Pumpkin carvers working hard.  Apparently, all the pumpkins are over 100 lbs!

Another amazing looking carved pumpkin.  It is quite a sight.

My own little special pumpkin.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

My advanced pet's latest trick

After we had a quick snack after school, Ali and I had the following conversation:

Mommy: "Would like to go night-night?"
Ali: "Da-da-da-da-da-da-da"  (tried to get one of her toys from the ottoman and ignored me)
I asked again: "Ali, would you like to go night-night?"  (this time with sign language)  "Come to mommy if you want to go to sleep."
Ali:  (looked at me for a few seconds, crawled an inch closer and went back to her toys)  "da-da-da-da-da-da"
I asked one more time:  "Ali, are you tired?  Do you want to go night-night?"  
Ali:  (stared at me one more time) and started crawling really fast out of the living room.

I went to follow the speedy toddler and noticed she headed straight to her room.  Since the door is closed, she looked at the door and then looked at me like a little puppy.  I guess my advanced pet do know what she wants.  And last night, for the first time, when I offered to "po-po" (hold her in my arms) before she went to bed, she refused by turning away from me.  She NEVER refused to be held, she has NEVER wanted to stay in the crib if there is a chance to get out.  I guess Ali wants to sleep.  Nice, real sweet baby pie.  Ali, you are growing up WAY too fast for mommy!!

Here are a few pictures that I took last week when we were stuck home because of her upset tummy:

Ali really hated the wings that I put on.  She constantly tried to pull them off so it was a little difficult to take pictures of her sitting still.

More halloween pics to follow.